CellMate® Mobile Device

Taking Inmate Communications To the Next Level… New Ways To Increase Facility Efficiency and Revenue

Changing the Game In Inmate Communications

Lattice’s new CellMate® Mobile Inmate Communications Device is changing how inmates communicate with family and friends and access educational and entertainment content. It packages all of the latest communications and media tools, providing multiple new ways for inmates to connect with family and friends and access resources for self-improvement. This can increase inmate morale and reduce recidivism.

As a handheld device to be used in inmates’ cells, CellMate Mobile will reduce administrative burden on corrections staff and maximize the frequency of calls, text messages, and electronic messages. This will result in greater commission-based facility revenue and cost recovery for system administration.


callmate-phonePhone and Voicemail

  • Make Pin Debit and PrePaid Collect calls
  • Securely access account information
  • Retrieve voicemail from any outside party

callmate-textText Messaging

  • Send and receive secure text messages to/from anyone on an inmate’s approved call list
  • Corrections staff can perform keyword searches on texts to ensure appropriate content

callmate-cartManage Commissary and Phone Accounts


callmate-mailElectronic Messaging (Available in 2016)

  • Send and receive secure electronic messages to/from anyone on an inmate’s approved call list
  • Send internal medical and grievance requests to corrections staff

noteEntertainment (Available in 2016)

  • Choose from an online library of Music, eBooks, and Games

callmate-phoneEducational and Legal Services (Available in 2016)

  • Access rehabilitation videos, online education courses, religious broadcasts, law library content


Delivering Facility Efficiencies and Revenue

With so many inmate-focused features in one device, CellMate Mobile minimizes facility staff involvement and maximizes frequency of communications, generating increased revenue opportunities.

Plus, our InTouch Inmate Hotline allows inmates to dial our call center to report call-related issues. This service virtually eliminates inmate complaints to facility staff, relieving the burden on staff.


Enhanced Data Security

Lattice understands the need for extreme security in communications and content downloads. CellMate Mobile features a highly-secure operating system, similar to that of our traditional inmate phone systems.

Data and content is tamper-proof, and only approved content is accessible by inmates. The device also enables investigative tools such as live monitoring, call recording, 3-Way Call Detection, and keyword search.


A Commitment To Inmate Well-Being

Upon release, inmates have the option to keep their CellMate Mobile device and access its various functions through a local mobile carrier.

This is a great benefit to inmates, one that can help them remain productive and reduce recidivism.


User-Friendly Interface

CellMate Mobile comes equipped with a simple interface and clear screen prompts

Sample Phone App Screen
Sample Phone App Screen
Sample Text Message App Screen
Sample Text Message App Screen
Sample Music App Screen


Click Here For the CellMate Mobile Brochure Sheet

We chose Lattice because they are a reputable partner with a strong record of integrity and a robust, highly-reliable inmate calling platform. Their solutions and service have had a significant positive impact on reducing the burden on our staff and generating important revenue for our facility. Lattice is an excellent partner, one whom we'd recommend to any corrections facility. - Sheriff Joe Lester
Cleveland County Detention Center
Lattice is a trusted partner to Nassau County because they provide outstanding customer service and highly reliable communications products and services. Lattice's Inmate Phone and Video Visitation products help our inmates connect more frequently with their family and friends, which can help reduce recidivism when our inmates get released. And, Lattice's products benefit our facility by reducing the administrative burden on our staff. This helps increase efficiency at our facility. I value our partnership with Lattice and would recommend them to any correctional facility. - SHERIFF BILL LEEPER