Depositing Funds

Multiple Ways To Make Deposits Into A Phone Account Ensuring Constant Communications With Your loved one

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Maintaining constant communication with your incarcerated loved one is a priority for us. Lattice provides you with multiple ways to make deposits into a Phone account that your loved one can use to call you.

Secure Website

Make secure credit card deposits to a Pin Debit or PrePaid Collect account at

Click Here To Make a Deposit Now

Live Customer Service Representative

Speak with a live representative, who will take your credit card deposit over the phone

Call 1-888-843-1972 between 7:00 am Central Standard Time and 12:00 am Central Standard Time to speak with a representative.


LOBBY-KIOSKWhen visiting the corrections facility, you can make secure cash or credit card deposits at our Lobby Kiosk


For details on making deposits with a Money Order, visit our deposit website at