NetVisit™ Video Arraignment

Reducing Corrections Staff Labor Burden and Costs... Increasing Efficiency In the Jail and the Courtroom


Increasing Efficiency In the Jail AND In the Courtroom

Transporting inmates to a courtroom for arraignment involves significant time, cost, and security risks for corrections staff.  Lattice’s NetVisitTM Video Arraignment is an innovative technology that enables inmates to remain at the jail facility while a Judge conducts the arraignment over a secure, real-time video connection.  The process is extremely efficient, utilizing a video station at the Judge’s chambers and one at the jail facility.


Significant Labor Time and Cost Savings

With a video station conveniently located at the jail facility, corrections staff no longer needs to transport inmates on foot or in vehicles to a separate courtroom.

Correctional facilities will save time and money, and corrections staff will be able to focus on higher-priority responsibilities.


Reduced Security Risk In the Jail and the Courtroom

Eliminating the need to transport inmates to a courthouse will reduce the security risk to corrections staff, courtroom staff, and attendees.