Nexus Inmate Telephone System

Delivering Efficiencies and Revenue to Correctional Facilities... Maintaining the Bond Between Inmates and Their Families and Friends


Highly Secure, Cloud-Based Call Processing and Recording; Industry-Leading System Reliability

Lattice’s Nexus Inmate Telephone System (ITS) is widely-installed and well-known for industry-leading security and reliability.

Nexus is a complete solution that includes all hardware and software for secure inmate account management, call connection, monitoring, recording, and customer service/technical support.  Important features include:


Flexible Inmate
Account Management

Inmates’ family and friends can deposit funds into phone accounts via our secure Website, at our on-site Kiosks, through our Call Center, or by Money Order

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Family and inmate account options include Pin Debit, PrePaid Collect, Calling Cards, and more

Nexus’ account management module efficiently manages all account deposits, billing, and commission payments


Robust Investigative Tools

Live or recorded call monitoring detects fraudulent calling activity within the corrections facility and protects the outside community

Patented 3-Way Call Detection sends instantaneous alerts to corrections staff and investigators

User-friendly reports allow corrections staff to identify calling trends and isolate fraudulent calling activity


Industry-Leading Support

Lattice is highly-regarded for its system reliability and customer support. We provide correctional facilities with 24 x 7 technical support on all systems and software.

Inmates can dial directly into our InTouchTM Inmate Hotline for assistance with call-related issues. This service virtually eliminates corrections staff involvement, time, and cost, freeing staff for higher-priority tasks.


VMX™ Voicemail Exchange

Inmates’ family and friends can leave voicemail messages to inmates to schedule a phone call or video visitation session, or to simply check in and say hello

By automating the messaging function, VMXTM frees corrections facility staff from having to manually take messages from family and friends


New CellMate™ Mobile Device

The Next Generation Of Inmate Communications!
Generating New Sources Of Revenue For Your Facility.

Inmates can purchase their own CellMateTM Mobile device to make calls, send text messages and electronic messages, and download music, eBooks, games, educational and legal content


We chose Lattice because they are a reputable partner with a strong record of integrity and a robust, highly-reliable inmate calling platform. Their solutions and service have had a significant positive impact on reducing the burden on our staff and generating important revenue for our facility. Lattice is an excellent partner, one whom we'd recommend to any corrections facility. - Sheriff Joe Lester
Cleveland County Detention Center
Lattice is a trusted partner to Nassau County because they provide outstanding customer service and highly reliable communications products and services. Lattice's Inmate Phone and Video Visitation products help our inmates connect more frequently with their family and friends, which can help reduce recidivism when our inmates get released. And, Lattice's products benefit our facility by reducing the administrative burden on our staff. This helps increase efficiency at our facility. I value our partnership with Lattice and would recommend them to any correctional facility. - SHERIFF BILL LEEPER