Deposit Solutions

Flexible Account Types and Multiple Deposit Options... Generating Important Facility Revenue and Helping Inmates Maintain the Bond With Family and Friends

Inmate-Account-Management2Generating Important Revenue to Help Facilities Recover Costs of System Administration

A highly-reliable and robust account deposit platform is the backbone of Lattice’s communication solution. It provides your inmates and their families and friends with a variety of phone account types and multiple ways to deposit funds into these accounts. And, it ensures that important revenue is generated for your facility and transmitted in a timely fashion.


Flexible Account Types

Inmate-owned Pin Debit Account, enabling calls to a range of numbers on an approved call list

PrePaid Collect Account, to a dedicated number

Debit Cards

Collect Calls

Integration with multiple Commissary and JMS vendor platforms


Multiple Deposit Options

Deposit Kiosks in facility lobbies

Secure Online Deposits via

Phone Deposits through our Customer Service Call Center

Western Union/Money Order Deposits


Automated Administration

Deposit processing and billing is completely automated. There is no involvement needed by corrections staff for handling cash or dealing with deposit-related issues.

Lattice understands the importance of commission-based revenue to help facilities recover costs associated with managing inmate communications programs. We are highly-regarded for providing detailed commission reports and timely transmission of payments.